Sunday, July 1, 2012

Create A Cure Featured Artist: Antonia Naglieri

This particular Featured Artist holds a very special place in my heart.  Antonia Naglieri has been my dear friend since Middle School.  When I shared the Create A Cure concept with my network, Antonia immediately responded with an outpouring of support, to include producing our video promo.  Please take the time to read the bio below, and be sure to come see her amazing photography on July 25th!

"My Name is Antonia Naglieri and I am a Video Editor and Producer. A lot of people don’t think of video creation as an art – but to me it is! To me, there’s something so exciting about taking normal footage and creating something unique out of it by using creative editing. In this way I like to think of myself as an “artist.” I also dabble in photography and make collages.

My Grandfather was an artist. Not in the traditional sense of a sculptor or portrait painter, but he seemed to know how to make everything and beautifully! I can still remember sitting in his dark, musty work room as a little girl, watching him carve beautiful ducks out of a plain block of wood. These ducks decorate my Grandparent's house along with beautifully painted birdhouses, shell and sand boxes, stained glass windows and more. My Grandfather also had cancer. Although he's no longer with us, his work is all around. Grandpa Sam Naglieri inspired me to be involved with Create a Cure."

Thank you Antonia, my dear old friend, for sharing your many talents with Create A Cure.  Because of you, we are able to create something beautiful.

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