Create A Cure is an event designed to rally together fun, creative people together in support of finding a cure and better treatments for Cancer. 100% of our proceeds go to support Cancer Research. Support Create A Cure today by submitting art, helping out with an event, or making a submission through the "Donate" button below.  Together we can create something beautiful!

Meet the Create A Cure Team!

Create A Cure's Lead Artist Felicia Woodward is a massively talented Designer/Illustrator, but she is also a fine artist and one of the most integral members of the Create A Cure team.  Among her many generous contributions to this project, she is responsible for our branding and web/media presence.  

Create A Cure's Lead Publicist Marc Marco Marcos is an illustrator, model, and creator of all things fabulous.  

I'm Create A Cure's Lead Organizer, Mel Parrish.  I'm a Mgmt Consultant by day, Visual Artist by inclination in my off hours.  The first person to put a brush in my hand was my Grandmother (and Breast Cancer Survivor), Lou Ann Styles. I'm so grateful to her for sharing her creative gifts with me.  Her courage inspires me to share my creativity with the world!

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