Thursday, January 31, 2013

Create A Cure Featured Artist: Katy Hirschfeld

Hello, Creatives!  I am very excited to feature collage artist Katy Hirschfeld today.  This artist has been with us from the beginning and her amazing work is currently featured in our Limited Edition 2013 Create A Cure Valentine Collection!

"The idea of doing something that goes against the normal grain of society and that also reflects creativity and individuality, while encouraging a DIY nature, is a great inspiration to me. Ive always loved the grunge aesthetic of The 90's, and subsequently all things ''gritty'. As I got older, I was also inspired by Early Punk Rock. This music etched a "rebellious anarchists'" vibe into my collage work. Studying punk rock, resulted in a seismic shift in my psyche; I found myself in a creative rapture and my obsession with that era forced me to react in the only manner I know how, artistically. I chose collaging because the act of collage requires the artist to engage the physical artifacts of his or her message in a truly visceral form; the collage gains the ability to reinvent the meaning of the images used and that power of transformation excites me to my core."

We love you, Katy!  Katy is currently rocking it with the Austin IEI Austin gallery.  See some of Katy's edgy, super creative pieces on her website!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Limited Edition Create A Cure 2013 Valentine Collection

Hey Creatives!

Felicia, your friendly neighborhood CreatACure Lead Artist here, letting you know that the Limited Edition Create A Cure 2013 Valentine Collection Cards are now for sale! I hope your year is off to a great start!  With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to share the Create A Cure 2013 Valentine Collection with you.  Our own Leader Mel and several artists in the DC area have donated our work to be featured in this limited editio nset of prints, available for purchase until next Wednesday, February 6!  

Just click the tab on our blog:

Not only will you be getting these gorgeous valentines to share with your friends and family, supporting me and other local DC artists, but the proceeds will also benefit the Tigerlily Foundation, a Breast Cancer support, education and advocacy organization for women ages 15 - 40 in the DC area.  Beautiful valentines designed by local artists that benefit a great charitable organization?  Yes, please!

Make sure and take a look at our collection on facebook too. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone!

Visit the Create A Cure blog to purchase yours today! 

Thanks for your love and support